Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wake Up Call To Me...Sara You ARE NOT Adventurous!

I've said before on this very blog that I consider myself adventurous, I'll do a lot of things and the older I get the more game I am. How very wrong I was.

I came across this post about "How to travel the world for free" and realized that a lot of the options presented were SO out of my league. Okay, so I agree with some of the ideas presented here. For example, the author says that world travel is cheap and easy. Well, I don't know that I'd go that far, but I would say that my trip to Thailand probably cost as much as it would had I gone to Disney for the same length of time. Granted though, at Disney I wouldn't have had to deal with 24 hours on a plane and countless hours sitting in an airport. I would however, have to wait in long lines for all things Disney, so I'm calling that one a draw.

Trust people and you will receive free food and lodging? I'm going to have to say are you fucking kidding me? on this one..I don't open the door to my house if I don't know the person so there is no way that I'd be staying with a stranger in a foreign country. Certainly wouldn't do it in my own and I live in a pretty safe area. I know that there are people who do this and love it, I'm just thinking that I couldn't be one of them.

What do you think? Am I WAY too conservative and need to let loose some? Could/would you do it?


Erin said...

I really don't know anyone that would open their home to random travels in exchange for a few chores being done. I certainly wouldn't!

And, I don't think I would trust anyone who would open their door to random-traveler-me!

Michael Allen said...

Cheap is the best way.

When I was in Europe I stayed with people I had just met that night...pretty trusting. And an Australian I travelled with stayed with me for a week. I knew him for awhile though.

susan said...

Things like couch surfing certainly validates that kind of openness and trust out there, but it is also in some sort of formalized way.

I don't think always depends on the situation.

sleepyjane said...

NO FREAKING WAY. Nuh uh. Sorry - I won't ever do that. But then again I do live in South Africa - here you don't trust your neigbour!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that some people can let go and stay with someone they just met, but I'm too much of a planner to leave things up to chance.

And too paranoid to trust a person I just met like that. Wow.

Quickroute said...

I tempted to try the thing but that's about as far as I would go

cupcake said...

I lived in Ecuador for a year with a strange family and through meeting tons of different people, I learned most cultures are very hospitable; more so than our own. And most places people travel to are destinations so the people are used to having travelers. When you live in a place that usually just hosts people from the same country, they stay in hotels and keep their distance. In other cultures, the distance is very different. Hospitality is part of their nature and most are trying to help and learn and are not harmful. I think it is a matter of personal comfort but I'd have to say from the generosity of strangers I've seen, it is not a bad way to go.