Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quebec City Isn't Just For Drinking...Or So They Tell Me

I've been to Quebec City a couple of times, mainly just a quick trip with the purpose of hitting the bars (for all you non-mainers the drinking age is lower in Canada). But now that I can legally drink in my own country, I'm looking to QC for more than a late night of intoxication and a really unpleasant ride home the next morning.

This year, I really want to see the city. I'm very much into Christmas, especially this year and I've always wanted to go to Europe during the Christmas season, but it just is never really possible with all of our other commitments. So, I've decided that QC is as close as I'll get. I haven't decided the dates, but we'll spend a weekend and visit the shops and see the lights, which will hopefully be up! I'm thinking this will be a quick little get away that will hold me over until our trip to Iceland comes around.

Seriously...Look at how pretty it is...

Anyone been there this time of year? Any thoughts/suggestions?


EP said...

I have never been to Canada, let alone Quebec City. It sounds amazing, though. Do it! I bet it'll be beautiful for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is pretty! :)

jb said...

Hey Sara,

You're sure to enjoy yourself. It's really beautiful. If you can, try going here


cupcake said...

I am a Mainer and have family from Quebec. I LOVE Quebec City and have been multiple times. I'm dying to go to winter carnival, which is supposed to be fantastic. Next time you're in QC and it happens to be spring, take a cruise up and down the St. Lawrence on one of the party boats. AMAZING.