Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Yes...a Post About Voting...But Not Politics???

So yes, I voted today. And...I was actually into voting this year. I've been following the polls and I listen to talk radio on my way to and from work pretty consistently. So, I was driving home from work today and I believe it was on FOX News they were talking to some Gen Y'ers. Which actually struck me because (and correct me if I'm wrong) you hear about the youth vote, but you don't have major networks with almost a youth commentator. Like an actually Gen Y'er talking about the election from the perspective OF a Gen Y'er.

So, this got me thinking...I think that it has been pretty clear that Obama has had the youth vote. That has been pretty well documented throughout the long election period. But, my question is why?

So, what does a card carying Gen Y'er do?? Obviously I hit the internet. And I come across this article and I think that it makes some good points.

Obviously Barak Obama did a great job of relating to the generation. You can't go on facebook without someone "donating" their status to him. And it's not just facebook...he is everywhere online. Somewhere along the line his campaign really figured out how to make our generation want to be a part of his campaign...it almost has the feeling of a club.

Obama really understood how to reach our generation and used technology very effectively, something that McCain doesn't seem to have figured out. Do you think that so many people our age are drawn to Obama because we got his message through means that we use ourselves? Do you think that if McCain had used the same methods as Obama he would have had a higher percentage of the youth vote?

Keep in mind I'm not asking who you voted for or why you do or do not like Obama, I'm stricktly talking about message deliverace.

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