Friday, November 28, 2008

This Is The End...For Now Anyway...

Everyone has had a couple of fun filled days of getting to know its all ending. Don't be sad, you've learned a lot about me and you'll continue to learn about me, but this is my last official get to know me post. I'm doing the ever popular, 100 things list!

1. My name is Sara Elizabeth
2. My Grandmother's Grandmother was also a Sara Elizabeth
3. My parents didn't know that when they named me
4. My Grandmother name was Elizabeth but they say I wasn't named after her either
5. She died almost three years ago
6. A year before I was married
7. I wish she could have been at our wedding
8. She visited all the continents but Antarctica
9. She said she never cared about going there
10. I get my traveling from her
11. She brought be to Kenya and Egypt as a present my senior year in high school
12. We were gone almost a month
13. She told me (and apparently a lot of others as I learned at her funeral) that it was her favorite trip
14. It was mine too
15. My next favorite was Thailand
16. I went there on my honeymoon
17. We were gone for 2 1/2 weeks
18. Three days of that I spent in the hospital
19. Actually I spent one night in one emergency room and then moved over to spend a couple of days in Bumrungrad International Hospital
20. The nurses there wore hats
22. I wish I had pictures of it
23. but my husband didn't think he'd want to remember the event
24. They thought I had an ulcer
25. But when I got home they found gallstones
26. I had my gallbladder out 2 months later
27. I have scars from it
28. I wish they would go away
29. That's the only surgery I've ever had
30. But I've broken plenty of bones
31. I did gymnastics when I was younger
32. and once dislocated my finger doing back handsprings
33. It hurt a lot
34. It was my ring finger
35. and had to be splinted to my middle finger
36. I had a teacher who used to make me put all my fingers down except for the one in the splint so it looked like I was giving people the finger
37. He thought it was really funny
38. I didn't go to the high school in my town
39. My parents made me go to a semi private high school in the next town over
40. Someone told my mother that the town hs didn't make the student do term papers
41. My mother thought that was wrong
42. so she sent me to the other school
43. They didn't have term papers either
44. Had the catholic school still been open in my town she would have sent me there
45. I lucked out
46. I had to go to sunday school until I was in high school
47. Towards the end I was the only girl in the class
48. The boys in my class used to try to make me laugh during the class
49. I would get in trouble
50. My mother let me drop out of sunday school if I would join a club/sports team at school
51. I joined one but then dropped out
52. She didn't like that so much
53. So I never got confirmed
54. We thought that might be an issue when we got married
55. but it wasn't
56. We thought about going to Prague to get married
57. but we didn't think that my nana would get on a plane to go
58. so we got married in town
59. I still want to see Prague
60. And all of the continents
61. I've been to them all except for Australia and Antarctica
62. I wanted to go to India
63. I'm not sure about that with recent events
64. but it was going to be my grad school graduating present
65. so I've got another year and a half
66. I'm going to school for Mass Communications
67. I'm going to look at technology and the media
68. That's as far as I've gotten on my thesis idea
69. I need to get working on that
70. I haven't been officially accepted though
71. So there is a chance that it might not even matter
72. I might go on to get my PhD
73. I'm not sure though
74. It all depends on what my husband does with school
75. He's getting his B.A.
76. to supplement his associates degree
77. He has three and a half years left in his program
78. He just started
79. I hope he finishes early
80. If not, I might look at the PhD program at UMaine
81. It's interdisiplinary so I would do work bridging two departments
82. I'd look at political science and communication
83. Look at terrorist groups and how they use technology to communicate
84. I took an undergrad class in middle eastern relations
85. I really liked it
86. I could always do something like that for my masters too
87. I can still change my thesis
88. sometimes I wonder if I'll have enough to say to write a thesis
89. I wrote for TV news
90. so I tend to write in short all encompassing sentences
91. I don't have an academic writing style
92. I can usually say what I think I need to in a paragraph
93. My thesis will probably be around 100 pages
94. I'm probably screwed
95. I'm worried that my maiden name will be put on my diploma
96. The school still hasn't made that change in their records
97. I hyphenated my name when I got married
98. So did my husband
99. Some people think its a good idea, most think its just odd

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving? Ehhh...

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than sharing what I'm thankful for with strangers, or pretty much anyone for that matter...So, in keeping with the spirit of my last post and really my personality, I decided to do an anti Thanksgiving post....

So here it is....the five things that annoy me and really just make me angry...

1. In appropriate questions. I come from a family that appreciates privacy and respects mine. Not everyone does that. For example, my husband and I moved in together about a month into our relationship and then waited five years to get married. In that time my parents didn't once ask when we were going to get married. In fact, the question never came up. They were the minority. Now that we are married and have been for two years, the new question turns to babies. It's never appropriate to ask me when/if I'm going to have any. If I wanted you to know, I'd tell you. In addition, just because I'm tired, sick to my stomach etc, that does not mean that I'm pregnant. In fact, just assume at all times that I'm not. Look, I'm in grad school full time and working 50 hours a week with the commute. The husband is working full time and going to school full time as well. For the next year and a half I'll be taking between two and three classes a semester along with work and writing/researching a thesis. My legs will be permanently sewn shut for foreseeable future. And while I'm on the school subject....

2. Why do people tell me I can't do something? I know that working full time and going to school full time is going to be difficult. Really, I do. In fact, I'm the only one in my program doing it. Yeah, the program isn't geared towards working adults, do I wish it was? NO! I like the fact that when I have my degree I'd be able to apply for a PhD program, if I so choose. I like that I'm pushed to publish papers. Things will be more difficult for me, but that doesn't mean its not doable. Instead of telling me I can' do it, maybe you should spend that time doing something more productive.

3. Women's pants. Every girl out there knows exactly what I'm talking about. You can go into five stores and the sizes all run differently. Plus, when you try them on in the store they always fit you differently from when you wear them once and have to wash them. I just want a size 4 to be the same at NY and Company and the that so much to ask?

4. Slow walkers and people who walk side by side on sidewalks and won't move when they see you coming. This is just rude. I've already outlined how I am a busy girl and really don't have the luxury of poking around behind you while you're window shopping. Honestly...speed it up or move out of the way. Don't you hear me almost walking up your back?

5. Clutter. I like my house to be clean and clutter free. That rarely happens. They say on Paranormal State that clutter encourages the devil to stop by and make himself at home. I don't know if I believe in the devil, or if there is a devil he'd just stop by because my place was a little messy, but I do know that I get angry when things are everywhere and a giant mess. Maybe that means the devil is stopping by and checking me out. I don't know.

Yeah I know its Thanksgiving and most people are all feeling grateful and everything, but I'm sure there is SOMETHING that annoys you! Come on...lay it on me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

Alright, so maybe you didn't ask, but Andy over at Wild ARS Chase did, so how could I say no? I'm pretty sure you all wanted to know just a little bit more about me. So here it is...

1. My husband and I have an open relationship. Oh yeah, you know what I mean. Let me clarify. We have, lets call it an understanding. We are both able to have a person on the side, however, we must designate the person in advance, and they must be a A, B, C, D celebrity whatever, it doesn't matter...oh and we can each only have that one person, so I've put a lot of thought into who my celebrity would be. I've had a number of people run through my head, I've thought about Prince because he is fabulous in concert and has a ton of energy, on the other hand, I think that he'd be pretty intense (how many people would change their name to a symbol to spite a record company) and I'm not sure I could deal with his intensity. I tend to run a little on the high strung side and quite frankly I think he might just scare me. Then there was David Bowie, but he's with Iman and she just looks like an amazon woman to me and I'm pretty sure she could and would take me. So he's out. So, that left me with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Anderson Cooper. A battle of the silver hair fox (foxes? hmm..). Since Dr. Drew is spending a large portion of his time babysitting drug induced celebrities, I'm choosing AC. He's at the top of his journalism game so he has people to do everything for him, therefore he would have plenty of time for me. I'm happy with this decision, if any of you know him, have his people call me. On a related note, I'm sure you are all wondering who my husband would choose. I'm thinking that he'd go with Yanni. No, I'm being serious here. he really does enjoy Yanni and even dragged me to one of his concerts. Matt really likes his long flowing hair...and his Greekness. He even dragged me to see him in concert two hours away. Normally I would say don't judge, but I think its perfectly acceptable in a situation like this, in fact its almost mandatory. Judge him, he needs to learn this is wrong.

2. I have my own language, and apparently my own unique accent. I know I don't talk like the other Mainers out there, but there is not a one native Mainer in my family. We hail from Lynn, MA...Lynn Lynn the city of Sin...etc. I think I have a Maine/Lynn combo but ehh...who knows. And, I don't' think that I really have my own language, sometimes I just forget what something is called and either describe it or name is something close to its actual name. For example, anything I drink I call juice.... soda, beer or apple "juice", whatever. I might not use the same words as you, but you know what I'm talking about...seriously, people respond to me so they must know right?

3. My use of language has caused others to think I may be part sailor... I use some foul language. In fact Jesus Christ is my favorite foul word of the moment (sometimes I try to class it up and use JC, it's less harsh and you could get away with saying it at church). I think I like it because I think its so trashy, which is something I definitely am not. (I did try unsuccessfully to be trashy for a day in high school but people just laughed) In fact if you looked at me, and talked with me without getting to know me, you would never think that such language would be in my head, let alone come out my mouth. But it does. My second favorite word...Fuck. I know, you would never think I would say that...but I do....wash my mouth out with soap!

4. I fear having children. Not so much the actual act, although I think the experience of giving birth could be unpleasant...mainly the pooh and stuff (seriously, they should give some of this information to high school kids and watch the teenage birth rate fall exponentially), I'm really in fear of what my child will end up like. Who really knows how two peoples DNA will interact. I could end up being the proud mother of a serial killer, or worse yet, a sports fan. I would rather have the serial killer, at least there are specialists who can lend a hand with that one. Plus there are established societal rules on how to deal with serial killers, sports fans not so much. I don't enjoy sports, in fact I think they are ridiculous...grown men slapping each others asses and grabbing themselves? People all pissed off because their team didn't win? What? If my child wants to participate in a sport I'll steer him to ballet, maybe he could be the next Baryshnikov, or the next drag queen. I don't know, but either would be better than (name famous sports person really, name a person for me, I know none so I need your help).

5. I like to pretend that my life is a musical. I don't get to have all of the drama associated with one, but I do occasionally like to break into song. For example, husband "do you know where the flour is" me "do you you you know what it feels like...etc etc."

I apologize for not using the video that had more of Mike "Boogie" whoever in it, but sadly youtube decided that particular clip was unavailable to be embedded. That saddens me too because I really wanted to talk about his rise to fame in big brother and his subsequent fall...last I saw him he was on Dr. 90210 with the other guy from big brother who was checking out his junk and cutting off genital warts...alright, maybe not warts but it had something to do with some STD...I look at that and think that even on my darkest days I would never be so desperate to go on national tv and expose my wart ridden genitalia to the world. Let's everyone say a quick prayer for Boogie...he needs it. But yeah...back to the original subject, although far less exciting than man junk...we do break into song sometimes in my house, which I believe makes us some of the most exciting people around...

For the one person who read all the way to the end....thank you! I know the majority of you skipped numbers 3 and 4 and skimmed your way to the end...I know that happens. It's okay, I had a teacher this semester who told me that in time I'll learn how to do that I say good for you! But, now that you are here, I want to know what it is that makes you bizarre or shall we say quirky? I know there's something...let's hear it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And Today it Snowed

Yes, today is a snow day. Not the kind that closes school (because lets face it, its a saturday) but the kind that puts a dusting on the ground. This is the first one of the season for us and it sems really early. I don't remember having snow this early the last couple of years.

So, in honor of the first snow fall of the year, I thought I'd share so
me pictures with you...

Charlotte wasn't to
into the snow this morning. It may have been too cold for her this early in the morning! It was 7:30a
m. Plus it is currently 23 degrees (F) out. Which I've got to tell you is pretty chilly, although it isn't the coldest it
will get here! January and February will be WAY worse!!
I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of wha
t we are in for this winter. I myself am pretty sure that I am destined to live in a warm climate, and can't take too much cold weather!
I also uploaded a video of Charlotte in the snow on vimeo but can't get it to show up here...something with the code...hmmm...guess I'll have to upload it directly!

Friday, November 21, 2008

5 things I learned during my year abroad in Israel

No, I didn't spend a year in Israel, but my blog swap buddy Alana did! Today we swapped blogs, so today you can find me on her blog Make sure you check her out and give her some love!! :)

So, here they are, Alana's top five from Israel!

1. Just because it looks like a tomato, doesn’t mean it is one- it could in fact be a persimmon(…which looks like an orange tomato with funny leaves. I tried to put it in a vegetable soup, but luckily I tasted it first)

2. Never buy hair dye from a lady with Ariel the little mermaid colored hair- I made that mistake and ended up looking like a punk rocker, when all I wanted was a hint of chestnut.

3. You can pick up guys on public transportation- I met a (very attractive) soldier on a bus once. I pulled a slick move of “accidentally” dropping my sandal on his foot. He returned it and sat next to me. We got to talking and he asked me out. Sadly, it didn’t go anywhere, but it makes a great story. His mother was British, so when he spoke English, he had a very delicious accent. I never remember his name, so my friends and I refer to him as “Manchester,” his mother’s place of birth.

4. The best hot chocolate is made with mekupelet- which means pieces, and is a delicious Israeli candy bar. Think about it this way: hot milk + real chocolate (not the powder). It’s creamier and absolutely amazing. It costs a few sheqel more than the powder kind at a coffee shop, but it’s definitely worth it.

5. Sometimes, it’s ok to pee outside- when you’re on a 3-day desert “survival” hike, there’s nothing else you can do, and it’s totally acceptable. Apparently, it’s also ok to pee outside at the bus station, although that’s not something I would ever do. Eww…

That’s my friend Mari and me on a clearly very strenuous hike.

I’m the really tough looking one in the front…

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Laws of Air Travel = Horrible Travel Experiences

We've been hitting the friendly skies lately, and for better or worse, all of the places we've gone have required upwards of 24 hours inside a plane (forget about the layovers!!). But, strangely enough, our flights have pretty much gone as planned.

My worst travel experience was actually flying from Maine to Memphis, probably 5 years ago. I can't remember which airline we were on, however, I do remember that we have 3 layovers and at each new airport our flight was either delayed or canceled. I'm sure, everyone agrees, hours in an airport is not a fun time!

I take back my earlier statement about my worst travel experiences. Our flight from Johannesburg to Paris was pretty awful. It's a long flight (maybe 8 hours or so??) and we were in the middle two seats of the four seater in the middle. Not only were the seats really close togather, the flight was a night one so you were crammed next to your fellow passenger who was inevitably sleeping when you needed to go to the bathroom. Horrendus!! Then to top it all off the flight attendant wouldn't give me soda with breakfast (and I know they had some in their little galley because they gave us some earlier). But, get this, they served sandwiches for breakfast. Not like egg mcmuffin types of things...these were like ham sandwiches!! That made me really happened four months ago and I'm still fuming!!

I started thinking about all of this after reading Murphy's 13 Immutable Laws of Air Travel. Luckily none of these rules have happened to me, although I will say that the loud child is ALWAYS next to me at a restaurant, hanging over the back of a seat or talking to me!

So let's hear it. I know you all have some awful experiences to share!! Or maybe some really good ones?? I want to know who to avoid and who I should book with!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quebec City Isn't Just For Drinking...Or So They Tell Me

I've been to Quebec City a couple of times, mainly just a quick trip with the purpose of hitting the bars (for all you non-mainers the drinking age is lower in Canada). But now that I can legally drink in my own country, I'm looking to QC for more than a late night of intoxication and a really unpleasant ride home the next morning.

This year, I really want to see the city. I'm very much into Christmas, especially this year and I've always wanted to go to Europe during the Christmas season, but it just is never really possible with all of our other commitments. So, I've decided that QC is as close as I'll get. I haven't decided the dates, but we'll spend a weekend and visit the shops and see the lights, which will hopefully be up! I'm thinking this will be a quick little get away that will hold me over until our trip to Iceland comes around.

Seriously...Look at how pretty it is...

Anyone been there this time of year? Any thoughts/suggestions?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wake Up Call To Me...Sara You ARE NOT Adventurous!

I've said before on this very blog that I consider myself adventurous, I'll do a lot of things and the older I get the more game I am. How very wrong I was.

I came across this post about "How to travel the world for free" and realized that a lot of the options presented were SO out of my league. Okay, so I agree with some of the ideas presented here. For example, the author says that world travel is cheap and easy. Well, I don't know that I'd go that far, but I would say that my trip to Thailand probably cost as much as it would had I gone to Disney for the same length of time. Granted though, at Disney I wouldn't have had to deal with 24 hours on a plane and countless hours sitting in an airport. I would however, have to wait in long lines for all things Disney, so I'm calling that one a draw.

Trust people and you will receive free food and lodging? I'm going to have to say are you fucking kidding me? on this one..I don't open the door to my house if I don't know the person so there is no way that I'd be staying with a stranger in a foreign country. Certainly wouldn't do it in my own and I live in a pretty safe area. I know that there are people who do this and love it, I'm just thinking that I couldn't be one of them.

What do you think? Am I WAY too conservative and need to let loose some? Could/would you do it?

Monday, November 10, 2008

There is a Protest in Your Country? Sweet, I'll be Over!

So, the title pretty much says it all...Should these protests continue into the beginning of March, this will be the second country that we've visited that is experiencing some political turmoil!

Last time it was Thailand, who you may remember had a coup in October of 2006. This happened literally just days before we were to go there on our honeymoon and quite frankly had us a bit worried. I found this all out from a coworker, who I actually didn't believe until she showed me the video. I remember seeing the tanks and wondering if it would impact my honeymoon...little did I know that my gallbladder would have more of an impact on our trip than any political unrest. We saw a protest our last day in Thailand and that was about it.

There were protests in Soweto when we went to South Africa (at least I think it was Soweto but I can't be certain). People were burning their neighbors homes so we didn't get to see a school that we had hoped to see for fear of our presence making the problem worse...

Now there is Iceland, which we chose because of its uncertain economic future, hoping that we'd be able to get a deal and have an inexpensive vacation since South Africa pretty much wiped out the check book!!

So, am I surprised that there are protests? Yeah. Should I be? I guess not. I went to Egypt shortly after a bus full of Nuns were killed and drove by millitary men on the corners with machine guns in hand... At this point a little shouting in Iceland isn't going to keep me away!! Will I be part of the protest? No, but I'll sure get some good pictures!!

Am I crazy? Would you go to a country where people are protesting and the economic future is uncertain?

Check out more pictures and video of iceland...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Be Thinking Your Getting Anything From Me This Year!

I LOVE Christmas. I really love everything about it. Today though, things changed for least for today anyway!

My family all lives too far away to see for birthdays, holidays, etc. So, obviously I have to mail everything out. One of the worst things in life however, is the whole mailing something out process. Typically I'm pretty good about getting the present in time, getting it to the person it needs to get to is another story!!

So, Halloween was my aunt's birthday and guess what, I forgot. There is just so much going on here right now, it is so hard to remember every birthday etc. I'm just not good at it. I actually bought her a present shortly after her birthday and have had it at my house until today. I also bought a cat blanket for my Nana (which I kept on my dining room table and found that my cats had bitten a hole through the plastic to try to get to the cat nip in the blanket...lovely).

The weekends are pretty much the only time that we have to do anything errand related, so Matt decided that this was going to be the weekend that everything gets mailed out. Of course my dining room table is filled with clothes to be put away and other junk that's congregated there during the week. So I have no way to wrap presents. My solution...we'll just stop at the dollar store, buy some gift bags, stuff them in a shirt box and be done with it. Good plan.

So we go to the dollar store and I have to say, this was the most awful store I've been in for a long time. The place had shredded paper stuff all over the floors and it was just disgusting!! But they did have the stuff we needed cheap so it worked...oh and a related note, we saw a guy with a full on mullet...not a "I just haven't got a good haircut for a while"...this was a full on curly haired below the shoulders mullet. Classic. The worst part about wifi ANYWHERE so no documenting the moment on twitter! And the camera that I bought so I could have it with me should I want to take a home. If I didn't think a pocketbook aged me by 10 years I'd have a place to put that stuff!... I digress...

It turns out that boxes we bought are pretty small so it is a major deal just to stuff the gift bags into the boxes and takes two of us to do ... I'm sure we were a site, the two of us sitting in Matt's truck trying to smoosh gift bags into boxes. Then I get a lecture from Matt on where to write the addresses on the boxes because apparently one time I wrote the return address on the wrong side of a box (for some reason I have a hard time remembering which side the stamp goes on...I pay my bills online...why do I need to know these things). Anyway, apparently when Matt went to the post office to have the thing mailed the mail lady felt the need to tell him that boxes are made out the same way that a letter would be. She wanted to "educate" him and he felt like an idiot, although honestly it amuses me!!

We get everything in the boxes and go to the post office which is packed, had to park out back. I swear we were probably there 1/2 an hour and again, no wifi so I could go online and do something...ended up playing some monkey in space game on the touch and listening to the kids in front of us shake their toys that kept saying the same thing over and over....

FINALLY leave the post office (where can I say there was a guy there that apparently did the same wrong thing that I did and put the return address on the wrong side. I would say that it made me look better in my husbands eyes, but no, he thought I should just hang out with the other guy. I said that maybe the other guy was my soul mate... a guy like that doesn't come around all the time!! He didn't seem so bothered by my comment...hmmm...

By this time I'm starving and though I'm small, I'm a strong eater! I needed something and I needed it immediately. So we go to Wendys, which also has no seating, so we end up doing drive through which isn't always so easy when you are ordering cheese burgers without meat. Sometimes they just don't get it. But, thankfully they got it right and we ate in the parking lot of wendy's and still no WIFI even though we are right next to starbucks. Irritating.

We make our way over to old navy where I get the most fabulous coat. All for $35!! Some girls are into their shoes, but me, I'm a coat whore. So my day is redeemed.

The picture up top is the new jacket along with Charlotte who always seems to find her way into a picture...

Friday, November 7, 2008

I've Made it to the Top!! I Have THE BLOG OF THE DAY!!

So, I've been blogging for around 4 months and I have my first award...I'm the blog of the day on Now, I don't know how prestigious this is, maybe they just pull someone out of a hat, I don't know. BUT, I have to figure that they wouldn't put something up that completely sucks right??

I started blogging on myspace while we were in Africa as a way of telling everyone at home what we were doing, and I'm so glad we did it, and quite frankly wish I had done the same thing in Thailand and Costa Rica. I never really thought that anyone outside of maybe a couple of friends would ever check the thing out. But at Matt's (He who doesn't read my blog) suggestion, I moved over to blogger and am pretty happy I did so.

So, I don't know, maybe I'm flattering myself...I don't know. If you haven't checked out my blog in the past, maybe you'll check it out now that I'm an award winner? Oh yeah, I'm also doing an interview with them that will be up on their page somewhere...more details to come..!

If your interested in joining go to !!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Can Use Duct Tape For That??

You know they say that you can use duct tape for anything, especially here in Maine...and apparently they were right!

Apparently a woman on a United Airlines flight had a few too many and slapped the ass of a flight attendant, then fell on the head of a blind person and started pulling that person's hair. So, the flight crew along with some passengers had to duct tape her to her seat and redirect the flight so she could be removed.

This leads me to the following questions...Could I ever be so drunk that I think it's okay to slap one person in the ass and then start pulling another person's hair. I've had my fair share of drunken escapades, but I am proud to say that I've never come close. But then again, part of me thinks that after the initial embarrassment, and criminal charges, it would be a great story to tell. Imagine sitting around with your grand kids at 80 telling them what Nana did...what a priceless family moment that would be!!

I'm probably alone on this one....feel free to chime in....or check out the original story

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Yes...a Post About Voting...But Not Politics???

So yes, I voted today. And...I was actually into voting this year. I've been following the polls and I listen to talk radio on my way to and from work pretty consistently. So, I was driving home from work today and I believe it was on FOX News they were talking to some Gen Y'ers. Which actually struck me because (and correct me if I'm wrong) you hear about the youth vote, but you don't have major networks with almost a youth commentator. Like an actually Gen Y'er talking about the election from the perspective OF a Gen Y'er.

So, this got me thinking...I think that it has been pretty clear that Obama has had the youth vote. That has been pretty well documented throughout the long election period. But, my question is why?

So, what does a card carying Gen Y'er do?? Obviously I hit the internet. And I come across this article and I think that it makes some good points.

Obviously Barak Obama did a great job of relating to the generation. You can't go on facebook without someone "donating" their status to him. And it's not just facebook...he is everywhere online. Somewhere along the line his campaign really figured out how to make our generation want to be a part of his almost has the feeling of a club.

Obama really understood how to reach our generation and used technology very effectively, something that McCain doesn't seem to have figured out. Do you think that so many people our age are drawn to Obama because we got his message through means that we use ourselves? Do you think that if McCain had used the same methods as Obama he would have had a higher percentage of the youth vote?

Keep in mind I'm not asking who you voted for or why you do or do not like Obama, I'm stricktly talking about message deliverace.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Husband Formerly Known as Matthew

So, I'm sitting on the couch minding my own business when my husband randomly announces that he thinks it would be cool if he had a nickname on my blog. The first thing out of my mouth...I really don't talk about you very much in my blog...seriously...I've got other stuff on my mind.

But...a happy marriage requires compromises, so, from now on when I do mention Matt, which I remind you is on very limited occasions, he will now be called "He Who Doesn't Read My Blog".

Because really, he doesn't. I'm not sure why. When I ask he says that its because he thinks that I should have my own place to say what I want without having to worry about what he read. I know some of the readers of my blog. In fact, I know his sister reads it (Hi Katie!) and he knows that too. So, why he thinks I'm trashing him is beyond me. But I do admit, is does amuse me that he thinks his life is more blog worthy than my own..come on, is anything more exciting than my life!!

So, I'm asking you, my favorite blog it his husbandly duty to read my blog??

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everybody Else is Doing It!!

So, I'm going through my reader and at least three of the blogs I keep up with had a post this weekend...I'm joining NaBloPoMo. So, I figured, if all the blogs that I read are doing this, then I need to do it too!

Call me a follower, but I can't let this one go by me! So, I've done it, I've joined. I have no idea what I'll write about every day for a month...oh, and I'm already behind.

Hopefully I can find something interesting to write about every day. We'll see. I'm currently taking suggestions!

Join me on NaBloPoMo!!