Friday, November 28, 2008

This Is The End...For Now Anyway...

Everyone has had a couple of fun filled days of getting to know its all ending. Don't be sad, you've learned a lot about me and you'll continue to learn about me, but this is my last official get to know me post. I'm doing the ever popular, 100 things list!

1. My name is Sara Elizabeth
2. My Grandmother's Grandmother was also a Sara Elizabeth
3. My parents didn't know that when they named me
4. My Grandmother name was Elizabeth but they say I wasn't named after her either
5. She died almost three years ago
6. A year before I was married
7. I wish she could have been at our wedding
8. She visited all the continents but Antarctica
9. She said she never cared about going there
10. I get my traveling from her
11. She brought be to Kenya and Egypt as a present my senior year in high school
12. We were gone almost a month
13. She told me (and apparently a lot of others as I learned at her funeral) that it was her favorite trip
14. It was mine too
15. My next favorite was Thailand
16. I went there on my honeymoon
17. We were gone for 2 1/2 weeks
18. Three days of that I spent in the hospital
19. Actually I spent one night in one emergency room and then moved over to spend a couple of days in Bumrungrad International Hospital
20. The nurses there wore hats
22. I wish I had pictures of it
23. but my husband didn't think he'd want to remember the event
24. They thought I had an ulcer
25. But when I got home they found gallstones
26. I had my gallbladder out 2 months later
27. I have scars from it
28. I wish they would go away
29. That's the only surgery I've ever had
30. But I've broken plenty of bones
31. I did gymnastics when I was younger
32. and once dislocated my finger doing back handsprings
33. It hurt a lot
34. It was my ring finger
35. and had to be splinted to my middle finger
36. I had a teacher who used to make me put all my fingers down except for the one in the splint so it looked like I was giving people the finger
37. He thought it was really funny
38. I didn't go to the high school in my town
39. My parents made me go to a semi private high school in the next town over
40. Someone told my mother that the town hs didn't make the student do term papers
41. My mother thought that was wrong
42. so she sent me to the other school
43. They didn't have term papers either
44. Had the catholic school still been open in my town she would have sent me there
45. I lucked out
46. I had to go to sunday school until I was in high school
47. Towards the end I was the only girl in the class
48. The boys in my class used to try to make me laugh during the class
49. I would get in trouble
50. My mother let me drop out of sunday school if I would join a club/sports team at school
51. I joined one but then dropped out
52. She didn't like that so much
53. So I never got confirmed
54. We thought that might be an issue when we got married
55. but it wasn't
56. We thought about going to Prague to get married
57. but we didn't think that my nana would get on a plane to go
58. so we got married in town
59. I still want to see Prague
60. And all of the continents
61. I've been to them all except for Australia and Antarctica
62. I wanted to go to India
63. I'm not sure about that with recent events
64. but it was going to be my grad school graduating present
65. so I've got another year and a half
66. I'm going to school for Mass Communications
67. I'm going to look at technology and the media
68. That's as far as I've gotten on my thesis idea
69. I need to get working on that
70. I haven't been officially accepted though
71. So there is a chance that it might not even matter
72. I might go on to get my PhD
73. I'm not sure though
74. It all depends on what my husband does with school
75. He's getting his B.A.
76. to supplement his associates degree
77. He has three and a half years left in his program
78. He just started
79. I hope he finishes early
80. If not, I might look at the PhD program at UMaine
81. It's interdisiplinary so I would do work bridging two departments
82. I'd look at political science and communication
83. Look at terrorist groups and how they use technology to communicate
84. I took an undergrad class in middle eastern relations
85. I really liked it
86. I could always do something like that for my masters too
87. I can still change my thesis
88. sometimes I wonder if I'll have enough to say to write a thesis
89. I wrote for TV news
90. so I tend to write in short all encompassing sentences
91. I don't have an academic writing style
92. I can usually say what I think I need to in a paragraph
93. My thesis will probably be around 100 pages
94. I'm probably screwed
95. I'm worried that my maiden name will be put on my diploma
96. The school still hasn't made that change in their records
97. I hyphenated my name when I got married
98. So did my husband
99. Some people think its a good idea, most think its just odd


Elizabeth said...

I like the hyphenated name idea! I ended up keeping my last name and got some flack from an in-law, but what can you do? I love traveling too, and can't wait to do more!

Rich said...

Hey, wait a minute, that's only 99. Oh, never mind - you packed a lot into 99. Very interesting list.

Vanessa Rogers said...

That is cute, I like the hyphenated name for the two of you :)

manÜ said...

thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment. you know, you are the first one to actually bother to leave something there. thanks a lot!

i love your 100 list. hehe

Anonymous said...

I love this list, and I agree with ELizabeth. I like the idea of a hyphenated name! :)