Sunday, January 25, 2009

Watch Out Iceland...I'm Legal!

We're about 5 weeks away from spring break which means...I'm going on vacation! I'm excited to go, I desperately need a vacation since I haven't been on one in 7 months or so. Yeah, I know that doesn't seem like a long time at all...I get that! But I'm telling you, once you get the chance to visit foreign countries, you want that excitement all the time. In fact, I'm usually trying to plan two vacations at a time. At the very least I'm always thinking about where I'm going to go next...In fact I'm already thinking about where I can go after Iceland.

But, back to Iceland...

In preparation for our trip, we went and got our international drivers permits. I must say though, I was a little disappointed because I really thought I'd get a license that looked like a US license. Unfortunately it was really just a booklet like the yellow booklet you get when you get your international travel vaccines. It does have a picture of me in it so that's fun. And I'll be able to drive in any country for a year. Granted I won't be doing much of the driving, that will be Matt's job, but I'll have my license just in case something happens, I'll be available to drive to the nearest emergency room (which wouldn't be unprecedented for us on our travels).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sports...Why Do They Exist?

I first have to say that I'm blessed to have NOT married a sports fan. Yeah he'll go to the occasional hockey game (partially because he works some of them) but for the most part that's it. If you come to my house on a Saturday afternoon, we won't have "the game" on. We probably don't even know what game is playing.

That said, we went to a college hockey game this afternoon and I have to say there are some hard core fans there, and I just don't understand. Now, I do come from a family of sports people, my mother especially. I remember the family Thanksgiving with my mother and her mother and sisters screaming at the TV if the Patriots were playing. This caused me a great deal of embarrassment, even though this was happening in the privacy of my own home and it truthfully may have scarred me for life.

Now, I don't fully understand all the intricacy's of hockey. I pretty much stopped at put the puck in the net, anything beyond that is lost on me. To me how the game is played doesn't matter, I want to know why people get so involved with their sports teams. I could never imagine yelling at the TV or even yelling at players while at the game. You're not on the team, so what's the purpose in getting all wound up about a game? By the way, I enjoy my reality tv, but you'll never catch me yelling at the rock of love girls, and if I was ever going to yell at the tv it would be because of that skanktacular group!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Can Make Urgent Care Fun?? I Can!

Tonight I had my first experience at our local Urgent Care. The husband had a hurt back and we thought he might have kidney stones, so off to the Urgent Care we went. Now, not everyone would have a good time there, but I like to think we're a fun couple who make the best out of every situation.

So, here is a list of the good and the disappointing ....

First, for the things that will get Urgent Care an A+ in my book....

Warm towels and juice. That's right. I wasn't even a patient and I was offered a warm blanket and some ginger ale. I couldn't even get some juice on a recent flight. I may hang out there just for the free drinks...oh and the casino because as a member of the players club I get free soda there too...

Quiet time. You wouldn't think you'd get that in a public place, but it really did happen. Sure people came in and out, but sick people don't make much noise. Maybe its their weakened state. I don't know, but it was nice to go somewhere and have it be peaceful. I may end up going there to do homework next semester.

The pee cup package. Now, I didn't get to experience the pee cup myself, so I'm taking the husbands word on that one. His exact words...."it was like a boxed lunch, except with a cup to pee in". Apparently it had a funnel to move your pee into the cup. Seriously, how much fun is that!

Things that disappointed me...

THE LACK OF WIFI! I brought the touch so I could check my email and tweet...but signal. Sad, sad, sad. So, I ended up playing some majong, learning some sign language from an app I had downloaded and never used, and watching some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I admit I did laugh out loud when watching the just amuses me.

No turn your head and cough for the husband. I can't help it, every time he goes to the doctor I swear they're poking around down there. I get a fair amount of amusement knowing that's happening, so I was disappointed he came out unscathed.

Let's hear it...what's the strangest place you've had a good time?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So That's What That Means...

I'm not much of a resolutions kinda girl. If I really want to do something, I just do it regardless of the time of year. But, this year I'm feeling a little left out after reading everyone's resolutions blogs. So, I'm joining the masses.

Finding a resolution that I could actually stick with required a lot more effort than I had initially thought. I went through the typical hit the gym more often and be nicer to my enemies...blah blah blah...

Then I thought, why would I want to be nicer to people I don't like. That's just stupid!

And as for the exercising...Yeah, I could stand to loose a few and I do hope to go down a size this year...but then I think...I'm a size 4! How much more do I really need to loose? I'm just not down with being the next Donatella.

So, after ruling out the obvious I decided to look at things my husband has complained that I don't do well. Two things immediately came to mind here, my poor ass spelling and my failure to use slang phrases appropriately.

Now, I have no intention on cleaning up my spelling. Now-a-days I rarely ever use a pen for anything meaningful so that leaves me with spell check, and if spell check doesn't pick up my mistake, well then, really its the fault of technology and it's out of my hands.

This then leaves me with my only flaw being my lack of slang knowledge, which I attribute to a failing memory and a recent lack of quality television time.

I had heard the term "bust a nut" used in conversation off and on and for the life of me thought it was appropriate to use the term when there was an injury to the groin area of a man. Apparently this is incorrect and the fact that I use the term wrongly in front of our dog daughter upsets the husband. I'm not sure if its the whole using the term at all...or the fact that I don't use it right that bothers him. I don't ask.

I also tried to use "snap" unsuccessfully on facebook as well. I think I used it correctly, however the husband looked at me with a blank stare and walked away.

Based on that reaction, I think it is very clear that the husband is not in the mood to mentor me ... so, are there any takers out there?? And exactly what slang should I be implementing in 2009?