Sunday, January 4, 2009

So That's What That Means...

I'm not much of a resolutions kinda girl. If I really want to do something, I just do it regardless of the time of year. But, this year I'm feeling a little left out after reading everyone's resolutions blogs. So, I'm joining the masses.

Finding a resolution that I could actually stick with required a lot more effort than I had initially thought. I went through the typical hit the gym more often and be nicer to my enemies...blah blah blah...

Then I thought, why would I want to be nicer to people I don't like. That's just stupid!

And as for the exercising...Yeah, I could stand to loose a few and I do hope to go down a size this year...but then I think...I'm a size 4! How much more do I really need to loose? I'm just not down with being the next Donatella.

So, after ruling out the obvious I decided to look at things my husband has complained that I don't do well. Two things immediately came to mind here, my poor ass spelling and my failure to use slang phrases appropriately.

Now, I have no intention on cleaning up my spelling. Now-a-days I rarely ever use a pen for anything meaningful so that leaves me with spell check, and if spell check doesn't pick up my mistake, well then, really its the fault of technology and it's out of my hands.

This then leaves me with my only flaw being my lack of slang knowledge, which I attribute to a failing memory and a recent lack of quality television time.

I had heard the term "bust a nut" used in conversation off and on and for the life of me thought it was appropriate to use the term when there was an injury to the groin area of a man. Apparently this is incorrect and the fact that I use the term wrongly in front of our dog daughter upsets the husband. I'm not sure if its the whole using the term at all...or the fact that I don't use it right that bothers him. I don't ask.

I also tried to use "snap" unsuccessfully on facebook as well. I think I used it correctly, however the husband looked at me with a blank stare and walked away.

Based on that reaction, I think it is very clear that the husband is not in the mood to mentor me ... so, are there any takers out there?? And exactly what slang should I be implementing in 2009?


Bayjb said...

I use slang inappropriately too. I've been known to say "true dat" and "dude" and "whoa" a lot and not well.

Ray said...

my nephews are now using slang words I have never heard of, such as "duggies" (referring to one's style) Like oh snap, I did your duggies!

I am old and lame.

susan said...

This is the most unique "resolution" post I've read yet.

I wish I could help you on the slang front.

Arjewtino said...

If I ever heard you say bust a nut incorrectly I would laugh so hard I would, well, bust something.

Sara said...

Bayjb - I tried saying true dat and people looked at me, laughed and walked away...

Ray - You just solved the mystery...I need to have teens or preteens in my life. Now, how do I get them?

Susan - Don't worry, I've got Ray on my side who has an in so once I get the slang down I'll mentor you! :)

Arjewtino - Then you would prove me right and I'd then be using the term correctly...right?

Lily said...

My favorite slang or TV catch-phrase is "that's what she said." I try to follow just about every single comment that lends itself to an innuendo that way.

"Hmm... that's a hard one."
"That's what she said!"

"Aw, I wish I could come tonight."
"That's what she said!"