Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sports...Why Do They Exist?

I first have to say that I'm blessed to have NOT married a sports fan. Yeah he'll go to the occasional hockey game (partially because he works some of them) but for the most part that's it. If you come to my house on a Saturday afternoon, we won't have "the game" on. We probably don't even know what game is playing.

That said, we went to a college hockey game this afternoon and I have to say there are some hard core fans there, and I just don't understand. Now, I do come from a family of sports people, my mother especially. I remember the family Thanksgiving with my mother and her mother and sisters screaming at the TV if the Patriots were playing. This caused me a great deal of embarrassment, even though this was happening in the privacy of my own home and it truthfully may have scarred me for life.

Now, I don't fully understand all the intricacy's of hockey. I pretty much stopped at put the puck in the net, anything beyond that is lost on me. To me how the game is played doesn't matter, I want to know why people get so involved with their sports teams. I could never imagine yelling at the TV or even yelling at players while at the game. You're not on the team, so what's the purpose in getting all wound up about a game? By the way, I enjoy my reality tv, but you'll never catch me yelling at the rock of love girls, and if I was ever going to yell at the tv it would be because of that skanktacular group!


EP said...

I'm not one who will yell at the TV, but my boy gets really into the game. And when our team doesn't play well, it ruins his day.

He's gotten a lot better, but it's stressful if you know it's going to be a tough game. Sure, it's fun to watch until he has a bad attitude. ;)

Consider yourself lucky!

[F]oxymoron said...

The rush... it is that simple. Any athlete, pro or not, knows that high. Watching sports can remind peps of that element of the game.

And then there is strategy. And the social networks. And the booze :)

susan said...

My boy likes to watch it, but pretty much only does when his guy friends are watching. When it's just me, check ins to see how they team is doing suffices. I like that.