Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again!!

Matt has talked with his advisor at the University and it looks like it will still take him 4 years, however, he will be able to take some classes at UMaine Augusta or Eastern Maine Community College. It looks like he's going to take a majority of his gen ed classes at one of those two places and they will transfer over. So, it looks like we could potentially save a good chunk of money by doing that, which makes me much more comfortable than spending all that money at UMaine, especially for the same class. Things are looking up at the Green-Hamann's, that's for sure!! Hip Hip...Hip Hip!!

Plus, we are only around 3 weeks away from going down to Massachusetts to see my aunt who is coming up from Florida. I haven't seen her since my wedding last October, and I haven't seen Mickey since I don't know, maybe since my grandfather died and that was maybe 7 years ago. So, it is going to be so great to see him again, especially since he's had a rough time of it with the cancer (hense the reason he wasn't at our wedding).

Additionally, we had another plumbing guy come over today and he gave us a quote of $1,000 to do the plumbing in the bathroom!!! This is fabulous news, considering the other guy wanted to charge us $4,500. Granted this new guy isn't going to take out the cast iron pipe (unless needed). Plus he also said that he only needs like a week's notice and he'd be able to come in and do the plumbing, which means that it is very possible that we might have the bathroom complete before we start school back up, which would take a load off of both of our shoulders! He also did some heating work at my parents house so he is a known quantity. Very, VERY exciting!!


gretchen said...

That's awesome, on both counts. I did my gen ed stuff through UMA (Univ. College) for that specific reason. At the time, UCB was the cheapest in the UMS system and UM was the most expensive, so it totally made sense.

Yay on the plumbers, as well!

(Wasn't your wedding two Octobers ago?)

Sara said...

I just think it makes more sense to take the stupid classes they make everyone take at a cheaper with EMCC he'll be able to take classes at night as well, so it won't interfere with work as much..

We were married on October 7, this will be our second wedding anniversary right??