Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making A Go of It - Grover Cleveland Style

I have recently had my Max Fischer moment and decided that just like Max (from the movie Rushmore) it is to my time to decide to be happy where I am, or just be miserable. I've decided the former.

My dilemma has been do I:

1. Stay in a well paying job with fabulous benefits but is an hour away and not overly challenging
2. Take a lesser paying job, by around 10,000, that is closer to home and more challenging

Could we survive on 10k less a year...yeah probably. It would, however, certainly cramp my style. No multiple vacations a year...certainly not to Africa! Traveling is one of the things I truly it worth giving up??

So, I've decided. I'm going to suck it up where I am, soak up all of the information I can while I'm there and take advantage of the extra money and vacation time and see the world.

Good Decision??


gretchen said...

I so love my non-commute, I can't imagine even working in Orono at this point -- esp with gas prices right now. Plus, I can't imagine adding two more hours to my 'workday' in commute times. This calculator might help you figure out the cost of the commute, and what you'd save being more local...

Sara said...

If I could get paid what I get paid now and not have a commute I definitely would do it. Right now, I have a job that pays very well and gives me tremendous benefits. If I were to leave, even after you take out the commuting costs, I'd still loose nearly 7k a year. Plus, I take the bus intermittently (exclusively during the winter) so my costs with that are minimal.

Bangor pays virtually nothing. Did you see the news writer job at UMaine in the BDN...They were only paying low 30's to 40 to start!! And they wanted someone with substantial experience for it as well...It just seems crazy to me!