Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Fun Part of Renovation!

Yesterday was the day!!

We went out after work and pick out the tiles to match our vanity and countertop. We had picked out the vanity last weekend but needed to talk to the plumber to make sure that it was going to fit and everything. So, with the approval of the plumber, Matt went and ordered it yesterday. It is still small, but I think that it will give us some extra storage since we are going to be loosing our linen shelves when we make the bathroom larger. I'm still not sure where everything is going to go (all of our bathroom stuff), we may have to do some weeding out of the junk (which would actually be a good thing)!

We bought the countertop at Hammond Lumber as well. I think that it is going to look really nice on the dark vanity. I absolutely love the color and I knew that I wanted that granite when I saw it! We also bought a faucet very similar to that except it is in brushed nickel. I think its going to look REALLY nice! I'm very excited. My only concern is that the vanity being dark, will be the ony dark piece in the bathroom and may look out of place. Granted, we will have a dark brown/black mirror/medicine cabinet but that will be right over the vanity so I'm not sure it will balance it out. We are going to do another built in bookcase door going up to the attic so we may paint the inside of it black instead of the while like the mouldings, but I'm not sure that would look right either. There may be an opportunity to have some dark shelves over the toilet or something like that as well. We'll see.

We went and looked at a bunch of tiles yesterday and although I really wanted marble on the floors, I'm no longer sure it is practical. My parents have marble in their bathroom, but I guess it scratches and I certainly don't want that. Plus given the fact that we have animals, it is pretty likely that may happen. Plus, when we went to the store, I couldn't find any marble I liked anyway. BUT, I did find some regular tiles that I really liked. So, I think that we've got the floor and shower surround tiles picked out.

The tiles in the back are going to be in the shower and the ones at the top are going to be an accent row in the shower. The middle one is the vanity top. The picture makes the shower tiles look a little bit washed out. They are actually a little bit darker than they look. I think that it will look nice all togather. I wanted something that would be neutral and in 5 to 10 years won't need to be redone because it looks dated. I don't want to have to do this again anytime soon!! I'm very, VERY excited to get this all in and done. We are hoping to have it all finished and usable by September 1. Cross your's going to be a lot of work!! Today begins the actual distruction of the floors in the hallway downstairs to add in some posts to hold the tub up. Pictures to come....

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