Sunday, July 13, 2008

PBR - Hold back your jelousy!!

So, in an effort to move past our issues, we decided to go to the slots with Pete and Michelle and see what all the buzz was about. So, they met us here at the house where we initiated them into the South African liquor club. Matt, Michelle and Pete all had a shot of the 50% alcohol with hot peppers in it. I on the other hand refrained from it. This is the liquor that we bought at a store on the side of the road. Side story, we get to this place and I'm looking around and they sell a lot of aloe there and other stuff. The store itself was quite odd, when you walk in it was like a convenience store, then you go back into the back of the building and to your right there was a place to sit down and have a snack or something to drink and to the left was a little cubby type place with some aloe products and some other gift shop type of stuff. In between the two was a shelf with some liquor on it. So, I'm looking around at the aloe (and I did end up getting some) and our tour guide Jonathan comes and tells me to come try something. I walk over and there are a bunch of people from our tour group there and they are doing shots. He tried to talk me into doing it but I know my limits. I'm not a shot girl, especially if I'm getting on a bus and driving god knows how much longer. So, I try it and decide that it is too hot for me. Matt however, comes back from the bathroom and does a shot. So, we decided that we needed to buy some.

Back to today. So, they all do a shot. Michelle first. She quickly found out how hot is was....

Matt and Pete fared much better....

So, after that we walk down to the slots....I swear I have never been carded so many times in my life! We end up going to the "Epic" buffet. Which if you ask me was a lot of money for something not so great. The food was alright but I thought it was cold and overpriced. But, we eat dinner there and then go and sign up for the players club...essentially the rewards club for the casino. There I learned that my license expired nearly a year ago (it will be a year August 2nd). I really had no idea! Who looks at their license to see when it expires!! I also got a teeshirt for signing up, who can argue with a free teeshirt! Plus, whenever we go in, we get free drinks, all except the booze.

So, we sign up and then hit the bar, where I get my PBR!! I'm not a beer snob by a long shot, so I really can't tell the difference, and lets face it, I've got a little bit of WT in me so it comes naturally! Oh yeah, and they also had live music which was fun, but they were singing country which I don't listen too, so I don't know the words which makes it less fun for me when I can't sing along. But we played the 5 cent slots, and the penny slots and the 10 cent slots. Pete and Michelle won I believe, a total of around 60 dollars or so. Matt and I on the other hand, lost it all!! I was however, up 15 at one point but I kept playing and I lost it. But it was a lot of fun and I had a good time. After a couple of PBR's though, I was a bit tipsy and ready to go home. So, we all made our way back to our house and watched some youtube. This probably sounds pretty sad, but it seems like this is usually the way things end up with us and it actually is fun.

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