Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Decision Has Been Made...WOOT..WOOT!

Thanks to everyone who offered up an opinion, I will be taking your advice...After much though I have decided that I am going to go the Mass Communication route. I'm a media's true. It's better that I accept this now than spend 2 (or 3) years studying regular old communication when I could be writing about the impact of television violence on children, or the impact of left and right wing blogs on the main stream media. It just sounds so much more fun than talking about Plato right??

So, as of next semester, I will be taking Mass Comm theory, law and other related classes. Oh yea, and someone in my research methods class wrote a paper analyzing Gossip Girl...Ummm...Plato or Gossip Girl?? Yeah, it'll be Gossip Girl.



Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! Nothing better than studying something you love. Okay, there are some things better, but this is still great news. :)

Lily said...

Congrats! I miss school! I love working in media, particularly new media, and I'm pretty excited to move to a job and get even more into that! Although... I also spent some time on doing research for my TV assignments, so... I guess it's all pretty cool. Good luck! :)

Sara said...

Thanks guys...I think this is a good decision for me! I'm really excited about it!