Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pressure is On...

So, we are actively working on our bathroom remodel. The goal last weekend was to get the walls up and the electrical wired in and also to get the insulation up and the backer board up on the walls along with the drywall. A very aggressive goal...It clearly wasn't met, not because a lack of trying on anyone's part, there just wasn't enough time to complete it...especially when you add in 2 hours spent at Lowe's trying to fix a problem that they caused by not holding the tiles that we had paid for and had sent here from the Ellsworth store, somehow our order got deleted so we had to go through tiles to get ours and then they also didn't hold the grout for us either, so, I have some waiting for me in the Ellsworth store. As you can imagine, I was fairly irritated with this since we had our time pretty much scheduled out. So, I expressed my frustration with the tile woman who had ordered our tiles and she gave us a 10% discount. Helpful, but I still would have preferred to have the 2 hours instead and paid full price. But, what can you do.

Currently we have all of the walls up and the insulation in the walls, ceiling to come sometime this week) and the electrical is mostly done. We just need to get it wired into the basement. The goal is to have the drywall up and have it ready to tile for this weekend. I REALLY want to have it all done by labor day. I'd prefer to have it done prior to that so we can just put on the final touches that weekend and have some time to relax seeing as how school starts up for both of us that next week and since its been a while since either of us was in school we're not really sure what to expect.

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