Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can we make it in time?

The pressure was on before, but it is REALLY on now. Today the drywall is going up in the bathroom. I was hoping that it would have gone up during the week, but it is always so hard to get things done when your working all day. Matt worked on getting the electrical done during the week, but the drywall just didn't happen. So, this weekend I was desperately hoping to tile, but it just isn't looking like it is going to come to play.

If we can get the drywall done as well as the backerboard for the tiles this weekend, then we'll be able to tile over the long weekend next weekend. The problem is that Monday Matt will go back to school next week and will have a class on Monday and Wednesday.

I really wanted to have the whole bathroom done by the time we both went back to school full time (which will be the Wednesday after labor day). I just think that there will be too much going on with full time school and work to be able to work on the house as well.

Cross your fingers for me that it will all work out!!

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