Monday, November 10, 2008

There is a Protest in Your Country? Sweet, I'll be Over!

So, the title pretty much says it all...Should these protests continue into the beginning of March, this will be the second country that we've visited that is experiencing some political turmoil!

Last time it was Thailand, who you may remember had a coup in October of 2006. This happened literally just days before we were to go there on our honeymoon and quite frankly had us a bit worried. I found this all out from a coworker, who I actually didn't believe until she showed me the video. I remember seeing the tanks and wondering if it would impact my honeymoon...little did I know that my gallbladder would have more of an impact on our trip than any political unrest. We saw a protest our last day in Thailand and that was about it.

There were protests in Soweto when we went to South Africa (at least I think it was Soweto but I can't be certain). People were burning their neighbors homes so we didn't get to see a school that we had hoped to see for fear of our presence making the problem worse...

Now there is Iceland, which we chose because of its uncertain economic future, hoping that we'd be able to get a deal and have an inexpensive vacation since South Africa pretty much wiped out the check book!!

So, am I surprised that there are protests? Yeah. Should I be? I guess not. I went to Egypt shortly after a bus full of Nuns were killed and drove by millitary men on the corners with machine guns in hand... At this point a little shouting in Iceland isn't going to keep me away!! Will I be part of the protest? No, but I'll sure get some good pictures!!

Am I crazy? Would you go to a country where people are protesting and the economic future is uncertain?

Check out more pictures and video of iceland...


Marc M said...

I dunno, economic uncertainty, politics, war, make for interesting vacations. I recommend you consider heading to Congo while you're at it.

Unknown said...

The Icelanders are protesting?
What's next the gay in LA? Uh... wait... actually the gay in LA are protesting. We pass prop 8, the anti gay marriage prop.
Hey maybe you can come and visit here instead. At least the weather here is fabulous!

Unknown said...

Great to see my Ireport on your page - and thanks for the visit -- i have added rss feeds